So when it comes to lubricants and body, there is an endless list of things for us to share with you as well as a lengthy list of products that we can offer.  For the most part, lubrication and condoms are both key parts of sex.  Both are crucial to your enjoyment and your personal health and safety. Additionally, we have lotions, oils, fragrances, pheromones, sexual enhancers for both men and women and so much more. And never forget to clean your sex toys when you are done with them with some of our premium Sex Toy Cleaners.

For lubricants, there are primarily two different types – water-based and oil-based.  Water-based lubes are your best bet for the majority of sexy fun. Safe for use with all sex toy materials and condom.  They are also perfect for skin-to-skin contact and easy to clean. Oil-based lubes are  not very versatile and can’t be used with most toys. They should never be used with condoms and most silicon toys. Oil-based lubes do shine when it comes to masturbation though, particularly if you’ve got a penis.

Proper cleaning of sex toys is essential to avoid bacterial infection or transmission of STIs. While some STIs die once the fluid they live in dries, others (such as hepatitis and scabies) can live for weeks or months outside of the body. So just soap an water is not good enough.  Adult Biz has dozens of proven sex toy cleaning products to choose from .  We strongly suggest that if you buy a toy, but some cleaner to take care of it when you are done.