Order Cancellations

We fully under stand that ordering anything online can sometimes be tricky. So to make things easier on you, we have tried to include the most accurate picture(s), detailed descriptions and measurements for each of our products that are obtained directly from our product manufacturers to help you while shopping at AdultBiz.org. Please understand that online shopping is not a game and we expect that you exercise the same care shopping online as you do when you shop offline and that you take the same care to research your potential purchases before finalizing the sale with us.

Within hours of your purchase, our automated order fulfillment process makes it difficult for us to pull or cancel your order once you have confirmed your intention to buy our product(s). We can ONLY accept cancellations if your order has NOT already shipped. If we can stop the order, we will do so. However, if your order has shipped, we are unable to accommodate refunds, credits or replacements until your order has been delivered to you. Even then, we cannot accept returns if you have ordered the wrong item, did not mean to confirm the the purchase of if you are now suffering from buyers’ remorse. So please be a responsible shopper when making your purchases with Adult Biz.